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Lamb's lettuce with balsamic coffee vinegar

Written by: Svenja Schindler



Time to read 1 min

Preparation time

15 minutes


For 1 person

Most people agree that what makes a salad delicious is the dressing. And if you think there is either the Cesear dressing or a classic vinegar-oil dressing, you are very wrong. Of course, eating salad can quickly become boring and healthy eating is thrown over the table again. Time to bring some variety to your salad creations! That's exactly why you should try this: A balsamic vinegar with coffee. Just mix some balsamic vinegar with an espresso and that's it. Your salad will immediately become a lot more interesting. The dressing goes particularly well with lamb's lettuce, preferably with nuts, tomatoes and mozzarella or burrata and especially in combination with fruits such as figs or nectarines. Here is an example recipe:


  • 150g lamb's lettuce
  • 70g burrata
  • 70g small tomatoes
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • Herbal pepper or salt
  • a ​​few grapes/figs or 1 nectarine
  • approx. 8 walnuts or nuts of your choice
  • 1 espresso (recommendation: espresso fortissimo)


Wash the lettuce and pat dry, peel the cucumber. Dice tomatoes and cucumber. Brew an espresso. Pour some balsamic vinegar into a bowl and add the coffee one tablespoon at a time. Here you can find the optimal ratio of coffee and balsamic vinegar for you, depending on your taste, so that both tastes come through well. An orientation is a 1:1 ratio. Cut up the burrata. Roast the nuts in a pan and then roughly chop them. Slice the fruit. Finally, combine the vegetables, season with herb pepper or salt, pour over the burrata and nuts and finally drizzle the dressing over the salad.