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espresso martini

Written by: Svenja Schindler



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Espresso Martini is the perfect cocktail to spoil you with a combination of intense coffee and a delicious spirit kick. Quick and easy to prepare, this cocktail has become a classic. The Espresso Rouge gives this cocktail a special touch.

Preparation time

2 minutes


For 1 person


  • 4cl vodka
  • 4cl coffee liqueur (Kahlúa or Baileys)
  • 4cl Espresso Rouge
  • A dash of milk (optional)
  • Ice Cube


Step 1

Take a shaker and fill it with 4-6 ice cubes.

step 2

Pour the freshly brewed espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur into the shaker.

step 3

Close the shaker tightly and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. This will mix the ingredients perfectly and give the cocktail a nice texture.

step 4

Choose an elegant martini glass and carefully pour the mixture into it. Make sure that the remaining ice cubes are filtered out with the sieve of the shaker.

step 5

For an additional taste nuance, you can optionally add a small dash of milk. This gives the espresso martini a smooth touch.

step 6

Now it's time to enjoy your delicious espresso martini.