Information on the origin of the tea, the wide range of products and our quality promise.


We use only organic certified teas and herbal blends of excellent quality.

We use only natural teas, herbs, fruits and flavors. There are no artificial additives in our organic products.


The MY TEA CUP assortment currently includes 16 high-quality organic teas.
Black teas: English Breakfast, Golden Darjeeling and Earl of Grey
Green teas: Green Queen Sencha and Princess Jasmine
Fruit teas: Happy Fruits and Very Berry
Herbal teas: Mint Intense, Lemon Grass, Fennel Anise Elixir, Royal Rooibos Vanilla and Charm of Chai Wellness teas: Teetox, Good Night, Stay Balanced and Energy Boost.

We are constantly expanding our range and developing new delicious varieties.

With Aroma Technology, we have developed a mechanical crushing process that reduces the classic tea brewing time to just a few seconds. Thus, the full flavor of our organic teas comes unadulterated into your cup at the touch of a button.
The special process creates a larger surface area that allows the water to penetrate the tea leaves very quickly and effectively dissolve the essential oils. In addition, the high pressure in the capsule machine supports the perfect development of the aroma in just 40 seconds.

No. You can easily brew our coffee and tea capsules one after the other without affecting the taste. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can simply rinse your Nespresso®³ machine with water for a few seconds without a capsule.