Information on disposal, material, durability, certification and more.

To give you a sustainable alternative that helps avoid piles of trash. So you can enjoy delicious organic coffee and organic tea from the capsule machine without harming the environment unnecessarily! You can learn more about the capsules here.

To send a clear signal for CO₂-neutrality¹, to avoid mountains of waste and to do something good for you and the environment. With our capsules you can prepare delicious organic coffee and organic tea at the touch of a button and at the same time contribute to more sustainability – enjoyment with a clear conscience!

Our beans are not only certified organic and Fairtrade, but also packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Because the innovative aroma bags are made of compostable components². This way you set an example for climate neutrality¹ and do something good for yourself and the environment.

The organic coffee beans from My Coffee Cup are currently only available in Germany and Switzerland. We will inform you about product launches in the other markets in due time.

Our capsules are oxygen-tight and aroma-protected and therefore have a very long shelf life – the organic tea capsules for three years after production and the organic coffee capsules for at least 18 months. You can find the exact expiration date on the packaging.

All our capsules are industrially compostable, do not contain aluminum and, moreover, are not based on petroleum. Our capsules consist predominantly (at least 62%) of renewable raw materials such as lignin, a component of wood, as well as natural starch and glucose.

The paper lid is also industrially compostable.

One box contains 10 of our MY COFFEE CUP capsules.
There are 12 capsules in the 10+2 boxes.
In one mega box are 100 capsules.

The packaging of our organic coffee beans consists of mostly renewable raw materials. All components are industrially compostable according to EN 13432. The paper of the bag is environmentally friendly straw paper. The band is made of paper and has the “Green Dot”, so it can be disposed of with waste paper.

Yes, MY COFFEE CUP capsules are certified as bio-based⁴ and carry several certificates² for industrial compostability. All teas and coffees are certified organic.

You can dispose of your used capsules, after consultation with the municipal waste disposal company, in your organic waste garbage can or with a clear conscience in the residual waste.
Some of the industrial composting plants are designed for the short rotting time of, for example, fruit or garden waste. Due to the longer rotting time of the capsules, some of them are sorted out and end up in an incinerator.
Since the capsules are certified as climate-neutral¹, no additional CO₂ is released into the atmosphere when they are incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant.

All MY COFFEE CUP products are vegan and gluten-free. The suppliers of organic teas and organic coffees have confirmed to us that the products do not contain allergens.