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Information on our sustainability contribution to leaving the world as clean as possible.

All the teas and coffees used are certified organic and controlled according to EU legislation on organic farming. Organic means food that is as natural as possible and produced without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. This means intact habitats for local animals and plants, respecting natural life cycles. The goal is to offer you a healthy, tasty and authentic food, made in harmony with nature.

Our capsules have been certified² by TÜV Austria and DIN CERTCO and are made of an industrially compostable material that complies with the European standard EN 13432. This means they can be biodegraded within a short time in industrial composting plants. Conventional plastic capsules made of non-compostable material only decompose into smaller and smaller pieces, known as microplastics, which pollute the environment even after hundreds of years.

Our products are climate neutral¹ from cultivation to your home. In this way, you always make an ecological contribution with MY COFFEE CUP. During recycling, CO₂ neutrality¹ means that only as much harmful CO₂ is emitted as was previously bound by the natural raw materials of the capsules or the aroma pouch, or as was compensated for by us through the support of climate protection projects. You can find more information here:

My Coffee Cup organic coffee beans are currently only available in Germany and Switzerland. We will inform you about product launches in the other markets in due time.


Information about our brand and general information about our products.

UniCaps is the name of our company that manufactures the capsules with great expertise and care. MY COFFEE CUP is the name of the umbrella brand under which we offer MY COFFEE CUP organic coffee and MY TEA CUP organic tea.

We are as enthusiastic tea connoisseurs as we are coffee connoisseurs. We want to expand the capabilities of your Nespresso®³, which can prepare not only coffee but also tea capsules, depending on your needs and the time of day.

Our goal is to be able to offer more and more people our environmentally friendly and climate-neutral¹ My Coffee Cup organic products. Since not all households have a capsule machine, we decided to expand our range with fair trade organic coffee beans. This means that customers with fully automatic machines, portafilter or filter machines, French press, etc. can also enjoy the best My Coffee Cup organic coffee.

My Coffee Cup organic coffee beans are currently only available in Germany and Switzerland. We will inform you about product launches in the other markets in due time.

On the one hand, we offer sustainable organic tea capsules and organic coffee capsules made predominantly (96%) from renewable raw materials. The result is excellent, natural taste with a good conscience – and it’s quick and easy. On the other hand, we carry whole coffee beans. These are not only certified organic and Fairtrade, but also packaged in a particularly environmentally friendly way, in an innovative aroma bag without aluminum and conventional plastic. All our products are also certified as CO₂-neutral¹ by ClimatePartner. We offset all emissions caused by cultivation and transport, for example, through various climate protection projects.
Our products are therefore all organic quality, compostable² and climate-neutral¹ certified. The organic coffee bean also Fairtrade certified.

My Coffee Cup organic coffee beans are currently only available in Germany and Switzerland. We will inform you about product launches in the other markets in due time.

Login & Registration

Information about registration, the newsletter and how to reset your password.

In order to log in, you must first register by creating a new user account. After that you can always log in to our online store with your email address and password.

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Discount codes

Everything about your discount codes, how to redeem them and what to look out for.

When you have selected all the products you want in our online store, click on the shopping cart. Below you will find an input field for the discount code. When you enter your discount code, the discount will be automatically deducted from the final total during the checkout process.

First, check if your discount code is valid only for a certain product or a certain period of time. If you still can’t find a reason, just write a message via the contact form and describe your problem. Our support team will be happy to help you!

Vouchers and discount codes can only be redeemed before completing the order process and cannot be offset afterwards.


All information about your voucher.

To redeem a voucher, you must create a customer account. The voucher code can then be conveniently entered under MY GOODS. This will be credited immediately and you can start shopping right away. Your remaining credit will be stored in your customer account until your next purchase. As long as the balance is positive, this payment method is automatically selected and no other payment method can be selected. The current credit value is automatically displayed at checkout.

In the online store, select the amount of the voucher and click on the shopping cart and go to checkout. After successful payment, you will receive your voucher as a PDF via e-mail within a few minutes.

Your voucher is valid for three years.

No. As long as the balance in your customer account under MY GOODS is positive, this payment method will be selected automatically and no other payment method can be selected. The current credit value is displayed at checkout.

Our organic coffees

Information on the origin of the coffee, the wide range of products and our quality promise.

You can purchase our capsules in units of 10 (Consumer Box) or units of 100 (Mega Box).
Our organic coffee beans are available in packaging sizes 400 gr and 750 gr.

My Coffee Cup organic coffee beans are currently only available in Germany and Switzerland. We will inform you about product launches in the other markets in due time.

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We use only organic certified coffee of selected quality.

There is excellent organic decaffeinated coffee from MY COFFEE CUP! Our Decaf is an aromatic coffee that makes the connoisseur’s heart beat faster without any caffeine.

Our organic teas

Information on the origin of the tea, the wide range of products and our quality promise.

We use only organic certified teas and herbal blends of excellent quality.

All our organic teas and herbal blends come from controlled organic cultivation.We source our ingredients from reputable distributors as well as some directly from local producers.

We use only natural teas, herbs, fruits and flavors. There are no artificial additives in our organic products.

With Aroma Technology, we have developed a mechanical crushing process that reduces the classic tea brewing time to just a few seconds. Thus, the full flavor of our organic teas comes unadulterated into your cup at the touch of a button.
The special process creates a larger surface area that allows the water to penetrate the tea leaves very quickly and effectively dissolve the essential oils. In addition, the high pressure in the capsule machine supports the perfect development of the aroma in just 40 seconds.

Our capsules

Information on disposal, material, durability, certification and more.

To give you a sustainable alternative that helps avoid piles of trash. So you can enjoy delicious organic coffee and organic tea from the capsule machine without harming the environment unnecessarily!

Our capsules are oxygen-tight and aroma-protected and therefore have a very long shelf life – the organic tea capsules for three years after production and the organic coffee capsules for at least 18 months. You can find the exact expiration date on the packaging.

All our capsules are industrially compostable, do not contain aluminum and, moreover, are not based on petroleum. Our capsules consist predominantly (at least 62%) of renewable raw materials such as lignin, a component of wood, as well as natural starch and glucose.

You can dispose of your used capsules, after consultation with the municipal waste disposal company, in your organic waste garbage can or with a clear conscience in the residual waste.
Some of the industrial composting plants are designed for the short rotting time of, for example, fruit or garden waste. Due to the longer rotting time of the capsules, some of them are sorted out and end up in an incinerator.
Because the capsules are certified as climate-neutral¹, no additional CO₂ is released into the atmosphere when they are incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant.


Everything you need to know to get the perfect coffee in your cup.

MY COFFEE CUP organic coffee capsules fit into popular Nespresso®³ capsule machines.
MY TEA CUP organic tea capsules are also available for Nespresso®³ machines.
Unfortunately, the capsules cannot be used in Miele built-in machines, nor for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto® System, the Nespresso®³ Pro System and the Nespresso®³ Vertuo® Line System.
Other capsule formats are in preparation.

The My Coffee Cup capsules have been specially developed for capsule machines of the Nespresso®³ systems, so they cannot damage them. We also continuously check the smooth functionality of new models. If damage does occur, an individual examination must determine whether this is due to the My Coffee Cup capsules if you wish to claim compensation.

Our packaging shows which amount of water develops the optimal taste. Our tea capsules for Nespresso®³ machines are optimized for approximately 220 ml, i.e. two large cups. Espresso and Ristretto (40 ml) are prepared by pressing the button with the small cup symbol once. All other varieties yield 110 ml of delicious organic coffee, which is equivalent to pressing the button with the large cup symbol once.

Sometimes it can happen that coffee in capsules compacts due to transport and the brewing result is affected as a result. If you shake the organic capsule briefly before use, nothing stands in the way of organic enjoyment!

For business customers

The exclusive benefits of our business customers.

We will be happy to send you a tailor-made offer for your business. Please contact our business customer support at or use the contact options on our website.

We offer special conditions for business customers. In addition, business customers can pay on account, and convenient subscriptions will also be available in the future. We will be happy to make you an offer, feel free to contact us!

Payment & Delivery

All options for your order, payment and delivery.

We currently deliver within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom and France. In our online store you can select the store for your country before placing your order. If you want to order our capsules outside the indicated countries, please contact us via our contact form, we will find a solution foryou.

You can pay in our online store with the following payment methods:

  • Germany: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Amazon Pay, Klarna, Prepayment
  • Switzerland & Liechtenstein: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Amazon Pay
  • Austria: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Amazon Pay, Klarna, Prepayment
  • United Kingdom: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Amazon Pay
  • France: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Amazon Pay

Our ordering processes are automated so that you receive your goods as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Therefore, an order is currently only possible via our online store.

in our online store there is no minimum order quantity.

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