Coffee, the way you like it.
Sustainable. High quality. Yum.

100% enjoyment with a clear conscience – Our new, innovative capsule guarantees more intense coffee flavor through the best aroma density!

MY COFFEE CUP - Intenso min

Lungo Intenso

Intense and powerful with notes of dark nougat and licorice
3,89 €
MY COFFEE CUP - Single Origin Ethiopia min

Single Origin Ethopia

Ethiopian Arabica – Single Origin
4,19 €
MY COFFEE CUP - WinterEditionFront min

Winter Special

Our Winter Special seduces with warm notes of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.
4,99 €

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MY COFFEE CUP - Iced Coffee Latte 1 scaled

Iced latte

1. make an espresso (Espresso Fortissimo)2. in the meantime fill the glass with the ice cubes3. pour the espresso into

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